Before choosing a golf GPS you should inquire about quality, precision, design and usability. Choosing a golf GPS depends on your preferences in terms of ease of use and your budget. To help you choose the best GPS golf, we have golf gps reviews for you the models with the best quality / price ratio in each category: golf GPS watch, tactile golf GPS, multi-sport GPS watch.

The Garmin Approach S6 is the best GPS watch at the price-quality ratio (350 €) . Released in 2015, this is Garmin’s latest golf GPS watch. It has a high resolution color touch screen with detailed view of the course, hole by hole and display of distances to obstacles, fairways and greens. This watch offers a detailed analysis of your swing. It is very easy to use and displays precise distances on more than 38,000 courses in the world at no additional cost or subscription

The best GPS golf with touch screen is the Garmin Approach G6 (350 €). The Approach G6 is a touchscreen navigator that displays the course map. It clings to the golf bag. The color touch screen is larger than a watch and you can use it without removing your gloves.

The cheapest golf GPS watch is the Bushnell Neo XS (140 €). It displays distances for 33,000 courses and offers the possibility to update the courses after buying the watch. However, this watch is much more basic than the Approach S6. It does not offer swing analysis, has no color screen and is not bluetooth.

1. Garmin Approach S6: Best Golf GPS Watch

garmin approach s6

The Garmin Approach S6 is the best golf GPS watch because it is the most comprehensive in terms of functionality: color touch screen, track display, green direction, score marking, distance traveled, swing analysis … Buy useful for all golfers looking for precision It brings very precise distances.

The Garmin Approach S6 is a lightweight and compact golf watch (46.6 g). It has more than 40,000 courses in the world. You can download free route updates as soon as they are available, at no additional charge or subscription. The battery life is 14 weeks in watch mode and 10 hours in GPS mode.

The Garmin Approach S6 brings a lot of new features compared to other Garmin watches:

– Color touch screen: The Approach S6 has a color touch screen with a better resolution of 180 x 180 pixels.

– Battery life: It can last 20 weeks in watch mode and 10 hours in GPS mode.

– Color map: It has a color screen which allows you to get a glimpse of the doglegs, obstacles and to know precisely the drawing of the hole and course.

– Manual position of the flag: It has a touch screen that allows to manually drag and drop the flag according to its position of the day. The distance to the hole automatically adjusts when you move the flag.

– Analysis of the swing: The S6 is the first GPS watch to offer this feature. It analyzes the power and tempo of your swing.

– Handicap: It allows you to set your handicap.

– Pinpointer: It indicates the direction of the green with a directional arrow during your blind shots. This function allows you to know the direction of the hole.

The Garmin Approach S6 is one of the best GPS GPS watches at the moment thanks to its color touch screen which displays the map of the course.


+ Slim and lightweight design

+ High-resolution color touchscreen

+ Marking of scores

+ Swing analysis

+ Handicap

+ Pinpointer

+ Smartphone notifications

Against the:

+ Price

+ User interface not intuitive

+ Brightness sometimes limited in full sun

2. Garmin Approach G6: Best Golf GPS Touch

The Garmin Approach G6 is the best handheld golf GPS with touch screen. The GPS Approach G6 is a touchscreen navigator that displays the route map. It clings to the golf bag. The color touch screen is larger than a watch and you can use it without removing your gloves.

The GPS Approach G6 golf is a good device that allows you to visualize your target. It helps you head straight to the hole with the detailed view of the green and track your stats. It serves as a digital scorecard. The battery life is about 15 hours. The color screen is 2.6 inches.


+ Small and light

+ Detailed view of the green

+ Full feature set with statistics and scorecards

+ No subscription

Against the:

+ Distances sometimes arbitrary.

+ Screen a little small.

3. Garmin Vivoactive: best multi-sport golf GPS

The Garmin Vivoactive best connected multi- sport watch for golf. This GPS watch is connected and multisports (jogging, walking, hiking, biking, swimming, golf). It is a very fine and very light watch compared to all its features. It looks more like a smartwatch than a sports watch.

The Garmin Vivoactive has a touch screen for easy navigation. It is a versatile connected sports watch because it can be used for cycling but also for running, walking, swimming and golf. The Garmin Vivoactive ‘s strength is its versatility. It can be used to play golf or to run.


+ Touchscreen.

+ Easy to use.

+ Versatile.

+ Activity Tracker.

+ Watch connected with smartphone notifications.

+ Compatible with iPhone and Android.

Against the:

+ No map of the course in color as on the Approach S6.

+ Garmin Connect App


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